Hello, hey, how are you?


Hey! So it’s 4:30 am…I’m flying to Canada in like six hours. Been up all night stapling some new booooks, ahhh, so exciting, so sexy! I’ll have them with me as I wander around Vancouver, plus NY where I’ll be hitting up CAB (and, you know, hanging out for a month…), PLUS Toronto where I’ll be staying for a couple weeks before flying on home end of December.

SO, Coracle #3, woo hoo! Excited about this one, it’s been a long time coming!

AND, FLYING FOOOOOX! I feel very grateful to be able to print this anthology of young Australian alternative comicers. I’m so proud of my friends and I can’t wait to show them off to whoever picks up a copy! They’re gonna go cheap, only $2 for a jam packed 48 page TOME - this is a book I want you to see.

FF features - Marc Pearson, Katie Parrish, Leonie Brialey, Ben Sea, Ruskidd, Evie Cahir, Jr. Blue, Michael Hawkins, Merv Heers, moi and Sam Wallman.

So, if you see those gorgeous blue peepers under that stylish cap, please do say hey - it would literally blow my mind!


(Ha ha, I wrote and queued this post early Sunday morn. It’s like time travel!)

UPDATE: I’m now in Canada, and it’s Sunday night, but it would be like Monday if I was where I was when I wrote this so it’s like inceptioned time travel. Primer.

  • 28 October 2013
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