Hello, hey, how are you?

Last post about the zine fair, I swear. I also had some comics in a couple anthologies - the third issue of Dailies has the next Paulau and Nem installment. It’s so, so freaking exciting to think that I actually have something “serialized” (as part one first appeared in Dailies #2) that’s kiiiinda been a dream of mine frvr, so…

Next is Victoria Drug Scene where I have two pages about turning by body into a habitat, and a multidimensional prophet who visits the Swiss Alps.

You should buy both of these comics, yes please. I’m sure they’ll be popping up in Sticky, Wooly Bully, and all the regular zine/comic haunts, but def hit up Silent Army for the latest as well as past issues of dailies (and I believe VDS is gonna be on the site soon too?), or contact Simon for Victoria Drug Scene. Also featured in the above photos, Josephine Mairead King Edwards, Marc Pearson, Michael Fikaris & Dan Cross, Katie Parrish, Magic Sweater, (plus so many more amazing peeps - was v excited about E Lambs piece) so you know it’s awesome.

  • 11 February 2013
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