Hello, hey, how are you?

Just finished pencilling a new mini, I’m gonna be giving twenty and twenty only away for free at the ‘NY, NY’ launch. After that they’ll hit shops around the end of October or so.
Remember that letter I wrote for Luke’s ‘You’ zine? Makeoverrrrrrr! 💅
Yeehaw, ‘NY, NY’ is all printed, lock in the date, we gonna launch this ‘bad boy’.
Tell yur friends
Oh my gosh, I got a new guillotine, what on earth it is so big.

Printing party population me by myself in my bedroom.
Kristen’s drawing.
The Six Elements. (connection to Parcel of Spells)
David C Mahler.
Future Home/Concrete Cracks
David C Mahler
Asleep in the Shed
I wanna animate this. 2 lazy 2 inbetween

Pals Moshé and Mark

Did it. My maths is shit house but I think it’s a 35 hour baby.
More info soon but say hello to the completed ‘NY, NY’.
Wish me luck.
I’ve been inking like crazy the past 31 hours (slept a bit of course)
I’m four pages away from finishing a 24 page comic I started December last year about my time in New York and visiting CAB. After inking two pages I abandoned it, until I pulled it out of storage yesterday.
Cool I guess
I’m drinking coconut water and listening to Cornelius. He’s been or repeat for at least the past seven hours…


Coracle 4’s all printed and ready for the Sticky Zine Fair this Sunday!!

This comic’s the centerpiece, printed in a nice purple, a colour I realised I’ve never fully appreciated…

Hey, so I’ve never reblogged my own shit before, but I got a bunch of new followers lately and thought you guys might dig this - I’ve decided I’m still proud of he art which is a thing that never happens, and I reckon the thought’s cool thanks to Luke for that. Please check out the zine store Sticky in the Degraves subway!
Ha ha, I talk too much.

David C Mahler
Self portrait as a Julie Doucet character (CBF colouring)
Colourful sweater
I have beautiful eyes.